Our Mission

To thoroughly educate physicians, attorneys, administrators and adjudicators in the diagnosis and understanding of spine ligament “Injury Severity Types” as AOMSI and provide documentation to:

  • Eliminate varying opinions & disputes among insurance companies and their investigators
  • Establish the preponderance of evidence to show evidence-based data of this injury
  • Win the greater weight of litigation challenges in court admissible format=
    • Our certified attending physicians recognize the signs and symptoms of an AOMSI whiplash-type injury early in the evaluation phase and respond according to the strict criteria of the Quality Standards (QS) set forth by the AMA Guides. 
    • An Insurance Administrator Reports The AOMSI Injury Has A Set-Aside Case Settlement Valuation Of $66,000.00. 
    • “AOMSI Injury Type Missed in Auto Accident Cases May Be Malpractice and Severely Damage The injury Case”.    Attorney Seven Eggleston

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