AOMSI Certification & Continuing Education Credit Course

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December 8th -9th AOMSI Certification/ Continuing Education Course: 8 Credit Hours, Tampa. FL

Saturday: December 8th, 2018 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

  1. History & Prevalence of AOMSI 
  2. Incidence of Pillar Fractures & MTBI’s with AOMSI
  3. AOMSI Diagnosis & “Table Formatting”
  4. Anatomical Features of the Cervical Spine & Ligaments
  5. Impact of Capsular Ligament Laxity after AOMSI
  6. Chronic Neck Pain and Cervical Instability Associated With AOMSI 
  7. AOMSI Concomitant “Injury Severity Types” And “Trauma Lines”:

    • Articular Pillar Fracture
    • Post-Concussion (MTBI) Syndromes
    • Cervicocranial Syndrome
    • Cervical Sympathetic Syndrome
    • Vertebrobasilar Insufficiency 
    • Barré-Liéou  
    • PTSD


  1. AMA Guidelines 
  2. Whole Person Impairment Rating & DRE Categories
  3. Prognosis & Stability
  4. Future Care Requirements
  5. Current Treatment Efficacy & Patient Education
  6. AOMSI Documentation & Litigation Overview To;
  7. Overcoming Obstacles

    • Establish The Preponderance of Evidence
    • Eliminate Varying Medical Opinions 
    • Win the Greater Weight Argument
    • Validate Medical Findings
  8. Legal Representation Exhibits & Evidentiary Burdens Of Proof of Injury
  9. Demand Formulator Software Available For Use By Attorneys

Sunday:December 9th, 2018 8:00 AM - Noon

When attorneys discover that the insurance companies have set-aside a case settlement reserve of $66,000.00 for AOMSI and that 45% of attorneys’ very own clients have been misdiagnosed; they will refer to the “Expert”.  [Attorneys do not like to lose money]! 

Acquiring certification is one part of the process of re- positioning yourself as an expert. You must educate patients and attorneys of your certification and make your new services known within your medical-legal community. 

Our positioning statement is: Don’t Sell Yourself, Educate Your Consumers!

Our concierge marketing program is a coordinated, thoughtfully designed set of 15 effective activities with objectives and strategic goals that fit your strengths to stretch your business beyond its current situation to achieve your expansion and development goals.

From Awareness To Engagement To Driving New Business, Our Concierge Program Will: 

  • Create and position You as the Brand
  • Educate & Promote Content
  • Drive Brand Awareness


  1. AOMSI Book Co-authorship sponsored content
  2. 4 Press Releases (Local Paper Editors)
  3. 4 Press Releases (County Bar Association Journal)
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  6. Attorney Educational E-Mail Invitation for FREE Book
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  9. Custom Landing Page
  10. Listing in Ligament Injury Institute Physician Directory
  11. Customized over-sized AOMSI educational Brochure For Patient’s 
  12. Customized over-sized AOMSI educational Brochure For Attorney’s
  1. Course Completion Certificate 
  2. Customized Waiting Room Poster
  3. Power Point Presentation

In today’s competitive environment, the goal is not to sell. Here is the difference between the various types of advertising.

  • Advertising: Sales
  • Marketing: Attracting attention to your yourself and making your services known
  • Public Relations: Creating a favorable relationship with your consumers
  • Positional Marketing: Developing the 4 vital factors that will establish you as the BRAND and create TOMA.

We selected the best from each category above and created a long-term, forward-looking approach to strategic planning with the fundamental goal for our members to acquire a sustainable competitive advantage. You will not find this anywhere else or at this offering price.

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